Title : SnowDrops

About the Work
An original installation work exhibited for thePlaza of Light event at Sendai Mediatheque. An interactive motion graphics work on the theme of snow, produced in collaboration with OGATA, an internationally renowned interior design company based in Sendai. When viewed from the front, a striking silhouetted scene of piling snow is seen. However, when viewed from the back, one realises that this snow is but an illusionary entity. This snow falls only within the imagina- tion, and its coldness could only be felt by the heart. It is a work that gently betrays the viewer.

About the Exhibition
The production team aimed to produce an interactive design work that pursued a natural integration of furniture design and illusionary visual. The focus was on how to enable the viewer to unconsciously imagine the snow, seeking effective techniques that avoid over assertive expression. New technical challenges had been carried out behind the scenes, including the application of advanced hydrodynamics- based algorithms, and the use of the depth sensing camera Kinect.

Created by WOW Inc.
Project website : wowlab

Built with openFrameworksMax/MSP.

Credits :
Creative Direction : Mamoru Kano
Technical Direction / Programming : Fumi Anzai
Programming : Seiya Takasawa
Sound Design : Tomohiro Nagasaki
Space Design : OGATA,Inc.