Title : Bloomskin

About the Work
This is a wind installation for the window display of ELTTOB TEP ISSEY MIYAKE. We use a very light and thin cloth ‘organdie’, and make the most of the characteristics. The fans are controlled, and the cloth is waving in the air as a creature.

About the Exhibition
At the Ginza shop, we made the 2 layers of the cloth in the 4m window display. it built with openFrameworks to control the wind movement from the 6 fans that the whole layers made a smooth movement. The cloth colour is presented in red till 14th February, and in in blue and green till 29th February.

Created by WOW Inc.
Built with openFrameworks.


Creative Direction : Takuma Nakaji
Art Direction : Daisuke Moriwaki, Shingo Abe
Programming :  Takashi Aoki, Fumi Anzai