Titile : Factory and Fantasy

Is that the sound of a factory? Is that a balloon flying in the distance? Hear the sound of lights; see the shadow of sound. Time goes slowly between reality and fantasy.

About the Work
There are 2 different sides to life – one reality, the other imagination. Walking through life, we need to face reality, yet this doesn’t mean we cannot dream. Indeed, our lives are constantly passing between both reality and fantasy. Based on discussions with a cognitive scientist, this insight informs Factory and Fantasy. We collaborated with a product designer and created an enormous space, which appeared like a landscape. Various talents collaborated on this visual installation work and it is a great case study for what creators from various fields could bring to visual design.

About the Exhibition
Motion graphics are inspired by product design, and interactive programming is in turn inspired by motion graphics. The various creative expressions influence each other. This work was exhibited at Miyagi Art Museum. We filled the 40-meter wide screen with motion graphics and tried to create a landscape. It was projected onto the large screen using 7 video projectors synchronized with 3 computers. Programming was controlled with Processing, with the motion graphics developed in Quartz Composer. A musician complemented the work with a live performance, and the large audience who visited left smiling and laughing, especially the children.

Created by WOW Inc.
Built with processingMax/MSP,Cinema 4D.

Credits :
creative director/planner : Mamoru Kano
director : Kaoru Kudo
programmer : Tomohiro Nagasaki ,Fumi Anzai
designer : Yusuke Mizuno, Sayaka Maruyama, Miki Ogata, Shinya Kikuchi, Haruka Kanno