Title : addLib

About the Work
This iPhone application is based on a variety of algorithms created by masters of mathematics and design, and looks back on the graphic design of the 20th century. Working towards a set of rules for the automated production of beauty in typographic layout and graphic design.

For addLib, we combined the Grid System, fractal theory and the golden ratio with facial recognition systems in a search to extract an algorithm responsible for beauty in visual design, which at first may appear random. These theories we have drawn on truly represent a history of people that have been pursuing new forms of expression within the arts. Not only do we pay homage to these past masters, but also set out on a never-ending journey of what could be produced next.

Created by WOW Inc.
Project website : AppArt.
Download on the AppStore.

Built with Objective-C, CoreGraphics.

Credits :
Creative Direction : Mamoru Kano
Visual Design : Kaoru Kudo, Yusuke Mizuno, Shinya Kikuchi, Takuma Sasaki, Miki Ogata, Sayaka Maruyama, Haruka Kanno
Programming : Takashi Aoki,Tomohiro Nagasaki, Fumihito Anzai