Title : Born by the wind

About the Work
An installation work exhibited for “WYVERN. -born by the wind-“ at the DESIGNTIDE TOKYO 2012.
This project is a collaborated effort with MODI, one of many companies affected by the devastating Tohoku earthquake. As a carrozzeria known for its concept cars and prototype models, MODI has produced many artworks while working closely with major auto manufacturers, such as LEXUS LFA crystal model at Milano salone.

This project intended to demonstrate an unique fusion between wind and motion picture for MODI’s one off product “WYVERN” to be released and exhibited at the event.

Created by WOW Inc.
Built with OpenFrameworks(ofxDMX,ofxTimeline), Arduino

Credits :
Creative Direction : Kousuke Oho
Art Direction : Hiroshi Ouchi
Visual Design : Shigeru Makino
Technical Direction / Programming : Fumi Anzai