Title : LightRain

A rain of light that showers down
When did I start to dislike rain, I wonder. Hit by a rain of light that showers down. I give my body up to a satisfying, illusory water In this repeated activity, Something appears faintly It’s the forgotten murmur of my heart.

Soaking in a film In
this work, one can enter a film and experience it physically. For example, rain falls at various rhythms. Raindrops hit the human body and burst with a beautiful tone. That’s why this is a film to be enjoyed rather than watched. There are various tricks, besides the rain, water puddles are created, and in the water constellations appear.From a film taken with a camera, a contour of a human body is identified, and interaction between the person and the film is created. This was made with “Processing” software. As a challenge, OSC communication was used, three computers synchronized, and a large screen with twelve meter width used.

Created by WOW Inc.
Built with openFrameworks, Max/MSP.

Past Exhibitions :
Decode Digital Design Sensations
Design Museum Holon, Holon, 2011
CAFA Art Museum, Shanghai, 2010
The Garage Center for Contemporary Culture, Moscow, 2010
The Victoria and Albert Museum, London, 2010

Credits :
Creative Direction : Mamoru Kano
Visual Design : Kaoru Kudo, Yusuke Mizuno, Shinya Kikuchi, Miki Ogata, Sayaka Maruyama
Programming : Takashi Aoki ,Fumi Anzai
Sound Design : Tomohiro Nagasaki